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Wofford’s Desegregation Decade

A newspaper clipping announcing Wofford’s decision to desegregate

Let me take a moment of personal privilege to talk about an exhibit that the library has mounted in the Chapman Gallery on the Wofford campus this past month.  In February, we put together an exhibit on Wofford’s Desegregation Decade in which we examined the decision to admit African-American students to the college in 1964.  The exhibit also looks at the first African-American students and graduates and at some of their activities at the college.

The exhibit will be up until next Thursday, March 28.  So, if you haven’t been through the Campus Life Building, stop in and see some of Wofford’s recent history.

The images come from archival collections, including the papers of President Charles F. Marsh, from clipping files, and from copies of the Bohemian.  College photographer and graphic designer extraordinare Mark Olencki designed the panels from materials the archives provided.  Here are a few of the images from the exhibit.

By Phillip Stone

I've been the archivist of Wofford College and the South Carolina United Methodist since 1999. I'll be sharing college, Methodist, and local history, documents, photographs, and other interesting stories on this blog, which I've been keeping since December 2007.