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Baseball Games from 1902

Written By: Phillip Stone - Mar• 15•11

The Wofford College Journal provided something of a season round-up in this June 1902 story.  

            Our base ball team went to Knoxville, Tenn. where they played two games with the University of Tennessee on April 25 and 26, respectively.  A local paper at Knoxville remarked that the “Varsity expected to live on Easy Street while Wofford was there.  But they were rudely awakened on the afternoon of the first game, the black and old gold waving above them with the score 8 to 7.  The second game was still more decisive, the score being 17 to 4 in favor of the boys from South Carolina.  Wofford pulled together beautifully, with something like the results expected in “ye olden times.”  When the results of these games was announced on the Campus, the hearty reception of the news, the yelling, the singing, the speech-making reminded one of the famous days of ’99 and ’00.  The boys of the team report excellent treatment by the Tennesseans. 

            The great South Atlantic States Music Festival annually attracts large numbers of the most cultured class of people from South Carolina and the neighboring states to Spartanburg.  Wofford has always tried to do her part in entertaining these visitors.  This year two games of ball were played on the college grounds.

            On April 30, Furman came over from Greenville and crossed bats with the home team.  There were no interesting features to the game, and Wofford added another victory to her list, having made 14 runs to Furman’s 1. 

            On May 1, Trinity and Wofford met, and a battle royal ensued.  The game was hard played on both sides from first to last.  Trinity has a splendid team and made it hot for the home boys, but the latter finally won by a score of 4 to 3. 

            The last game of the season was played at Clemson College.  The Clemsonites there defeated the Wofford boys to the tune of 6 to 3 in a clean, snappy game of ball.

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