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Today has been sort of a clean-up day around my desk.  The papers had piled up – all sorts of items and files from the different aspects of my job.  The credenza beside my desk, which I got so that I'd have more room for processing papers here in my office, had turned into a flat file cabinet of newly-acquired things.  Fridays can sometimes be quieter days here in the library, so I spent the morning trying to move some of those things to a more permanent home.  

And while going through these things, I was keeping an eye out for something to share on the blog.  I've got a great 1910 campus calendar, complete with contemporary photos, and that's going to become part of the digital collection as soon as I get one of my very capable student assistants to scan it.  I found a few other things that may make it onto the blog soon.  I decided to share a 1883 literary society program.  

The literary societies, as I've written before, were a very important part of college life in the lae 19th century, and they were part of the great annual celebration of commencement.  Here's the program from the 1883 


The inside page details the events, debates, lectures, and receptions the societies sponsored at Commencement in 1883.  

Click on either for a larger version of the image.