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A Spartanburg history podcast

Last Wednesday, Brad Steinecke, my local history colleague at the Spartanburg County Public Library and I sat down to record a podcast about Spartanburg history for a local blog-website called the Spartanburg Spark.  The Spark's publisher, Steve Shanafelt, moderated the discussion and produced the podcast.  I don't do a lot of personal promotion here on this blog, but I do invite anyone to click over and have a listen to some or all of the podcast – or you can find the Hub City Podcast on iTunes and download it to your iPod if you so desire.

Feel free to leave questions or comments if you like – I'm hoping we do this feature regularly and it'd be nice to hear what people want us to talk about.  

Also, if you are interested in reading more about Spartanburg's history, check out Brad's blog, which is called the Hub City Historian.  

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