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Basketball, 1906

Written By: information_management - Feb• 25•10

I hope the picture that came to the archives today represents a good omen.  

Today, Mr. Perry Dukes, the grandson of T. E. Dukes of the class of 1907, came by the archives with a photograph of the 1905-06 basketball team.  To my knowledge, this is the oldest basketball team photo in the collection.  

The December 1905 Wofford College Journal lists the following as the team members:  P. L. Martin, center; C. A. Johnson, right guard; P. K. Switzer, left guard; S. L. Allen, right forward; P. E. Dukes, left forward; G. S. Coffin Jr and R. E. Holroyd, substitutes.  

Here's a copy of the photo.  Mr. Dukes is on the right end of the front row.  

And what do I mean about this being a good omen?  If you follow Wofford basketball, you'll know what I mean!  

Click on the image for a larger version.

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