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Aerial Photos of the Wofford Campus

Written By: information_management - Jun• 09•09

Today I posted a series of aerial photos of the campus to my Flickr page and made them available from the Wofford Archives web page.  

Photos do more than simply let you see what a place looked like at a specific time, though that's certainly important.  More than that, they tell a story.  This series of photos shows how, slowly but surely, the Wofford of today grew out of a small collection of buildings.  Many of the buildings in these pictures are still with us, though modified.  Some buildings deteriorated to the point that they no longer served a purpose and were demolished.  We haven't torn down many buildings here, but some have been.  

These photos document the changing landscape of the campus over the past 90 years.  When I see a picture of the campus, I generally use the presence or absence of certain buildings to establish a date or an approximate date for the building.  Of course, sometimes the best we can do is guess within a certain range.  

The earliest photo appears to be from the 1920s.  That's about as specific as I can get, because we didn't build things quite as often back then as we have in recent years.  

Here's the 1920s photo

Here is a slide show of the various images.

Enjoy the slides.  If you want to see full versions of the images, see the set on Flickr.  You can also check out other collections I've posted there.  

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