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Written By: information_management - May• 15•09

Last spring, I wrote several blog posts about various Commencements at Wofford and the traditions that had grown up around this highlight of the academic year.  Rather than re-write some of those entries, I'm going to refer you back to a few of them.  

In one entry, I talked about the assorted traditions of walking through the gates, of the Commencement Bibles, and of the ceremony itself.  

In another post, I talked about "Commencement Season" – all of the events that surround the actual graduation ceremony.  In years gone by, Commencement lasted four or five days.

And in another, I shared a selection from a radio interview with President Henry Nelson Snyder where he talked about the American college commencement.  

Next week, I'll talk about a few other Commencement-related items – including a retrospective on what Commencement was like in 1959, and perhaps 1859 and 1909 as well.  Stay tuned!

And, if you will permit a moment of personal privilege, I will note that my classmates and I from the class of 1994 graduated from Wofford fifteen years ago today.  

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