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A March Madness tribute?

Written By: information_management - Mar• 24•09

This cartoon has been sitting on my desk for several months, ever since I wrote a Wofford Today column on Dr. C. C. Norton, Wofford's longtime dean of the college and professor of sociology.  Dr. Norton was best known for his annual presentation of A Christmas Carol, but he was also known as a caricaturist and cartoonist in the South Carolina Methodist Advocate.  In the Norton Papers here in the archives, we have a collection of his cartoons and caricatures.  One of his cartoon series, Church Folks, looked at life in the South Carolina church of the mid 20th century.  

Here's one of my favorites of the cartoon panels.  Though the young fellow is wearing a helmet and carrying a football, I think the sentiment works just as well for March Madness. 

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