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Wofford Songs and Yells

Today I'm going to share a new acquisition, something that literally arrived in the mail this morning.  This document belonged to a member of the class of 1910 named George Craig, and it was sent to me today by someone who was going through some of his papers.  It's a list of Wofford songs or cheers.  

Now, I'm no expert on college songs from the early 20th century, but many of these look to have been borrowed and altered from other schools.  Number 4 below, for example, seems very similar to one that students at the University of North Carolina use.  

Certain elements of number 5 below resemble lines from Georgia Tech's famous "I'm a ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech"  


Of course, the use of the tune to John Brown's Body – or the Battle Hymn of the Republic – at a southern college in the Jim Crow South is also ironic.  

The other interesting thing, of course, is that several songs make fairly obvious references to alcohol.  It just goes to show that not all of our college student ancestors from the late 19th and early 20th century were teetotalers.  And of course, the song that ends with "Hang the Faculty" expresses a sentiment that is perhaps unviersal among college students, no matter the day.  

The "Yells" probably were led at various athletic events by student cheerleaders.  Some of them are kind of funny, others are just strange.  

I trust all of you will print these off and bring them to football games in the fall.  Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah!