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Photos from the Snyder Papers

Below are a few photographs that I found as we began putting the final touches on the Snyder Papers.

We’ve completed the major weeding of some 20 file cabinet drawers of presidential records, and today, we looked through a few smaller boxes of materials, mostly donated in the 1950s by Mrs. Snyder, that were already on the shelf in the archives.  Most of the materials are what I classify as personal materials – articles by Snyder, some of his personal correspondence, biographical materials, and even his Phi Beta Kappa key from Vanderbilt University.  We’ll put the biographical materials, the articles, and some of his personal correspondence in order and wrap this project up shortly.  Hns002_3In the meantime, here are some of the photos of both Snyder, his house, and of him with other people.

The first photo is a small snapshot taken in 1916, when he would have been 51 years old.  The second simply reads “age 38, which would have put the photo around 1903.

Hns003The third image appears to have been taken in Andrews Fieldhouse, which means it had to have been taken after 1929.  Perhaps it’s at the college’s 75th anniversary celebration.

The fourth image comes from Commencement in 1939.  Hns004Snyder is in the left foreground.  Behind him is Wofford alumnus and United States Senator Ellison D. “Cotton Ed” Smith.  The photo shows that faculty members were wearing academic regalia by the 1930s.

The final two photographs are campus scenes.  One is of Dr. Snyder’s campus home, now called Snyder House.  The other is a winter scene, probably from the 1920s or 1930s.

Click on an image to bring up a larger version.  Hns006_2In the next week or so, we’ll post a new guide to the Snyder Papers, and perhaps copies of an address or two.