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Coeducation – the Documents

Written By: information_management - Mar• 21•08

Throughout the early 1970s, the topic of full residential coeducation remained unsettled.  The trustees had decided that they would not consider residential coeducation until 1975.  However, that did not stop faculty members, alumni, and students (especially the women day students) from talking about it.

The trustees created a task force in May 1975 to study coeducation and make recommendations to the October board meeting.  In the intervening months, the trustee members of the task force and college administrators studied the issue, making trips to other colleges who were at different stages of going coeducational.


In September, the task force issued a report, and today, we’ll look at a few pages from the document.  These pages examine some of the legal questions as well as the views of faculty, alumni, and
students on full coeducation.



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