Voices from Holidays Past

The following articles and images are excerpts from the December 1914
and January 1915 issues of the Wofford College Journal, the college’s literary
magazine. Before the days of the Old Gold and Black, the Journal played the role of the campus
newspaper, and included editorials, stories about life on campus, and coverage
of athletic events.  Though many things have changed at Wofford
since 1914, students then as now enjoyed celebrating the holidays with friends,
family members, and fellow students. And
they were proud of their football team, too.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Holidays are over, and we are looking forward eagerly to the 23rd,
when we shall board the Carolina Special for the Christmas Holidays.  Cartoon_4

Day was spent in various ways by the students. Many of them that live in neighboring towns went home and spent the day
with loved ones, but quite a number stayed on the campus. The latter group probably enjoyed the day most,
for there were various attractions in the city to amuse and entertain
them. But the one thing that interested
them most was the large and bounteous boxes from home. After the excitement of the day was over,
many groups gathered in secluded rooms and midnight feasts were in order
everywhere. Many happy hours were spent
in this way, after which all were ready for work again.

The holiday
was brightened up very much by the faces of several old Wofford men on the
campus. Some of them came to see the football
game and old college mates…

In 1914, the college most likely held classes on the Friday
and Saturday after Thanksgiving, so no student was able to travel too far from
campus for the holiday.

January 1915

On December
19 many bright and happy faces were seen to leave the campus and board the
trains for home. Some had to go far, but
all went “home,” and that meant for each joy and happiness. The Freshmen, especially, were
delighted. Many and old boy said that
their love for home and the dear home folks increased every year they were

But, as
every good thing is destined to end, so were the Christmas holidays, and on
January 5th Wofford opened her doors again and we had to go to
work. We are glad to see that most of
the boys were able to return to college after spending the holidays with their
parents and friends, but we are sorry to hear that a few of our best fellows
were not able to come back on account of financial and other reasons.

We are
quite sure, however, that those who have returned have resolved to begin the
new year aright and do the best work in the history of their college life. Examinations are upon us now, but we must
pass them creditably, since the faculty has given us such a long period of rest
and recreation.

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