Alumni Sports

Basketball sweater

SweaterLast month, an alum’s basketball letter sweater came home.

Mrs. Ann Turner Bevalaque donated her father’s 1917 black and gold sweater to the archives.  Henry Grady Turner graduated from Wofford in 1917, and while at the college, he was a member of the Preston Literary Society and a three-year member of the basketball team.  The Bohemian, the college’s yearbook, said of his basketball skills, “there’s none to equal him.  His hands attract the ball as if they were magnets, then by some secret power, he thrusts the ball in the basket from any angle or distance.”  AllstateA forward, Turner was chosen by the college basketball coaches in the state for the All-State team in 1916-17.

After graduation, Turner joined Southern Bell, where he retired forty-three years later as a vice president specializing in marketing and merchandising activities.

Click on the images for larger versions.  The photo at left is Henry Grady Turner’s 1917 Bohemian photo.