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Posted by on January 26, 2013

¬°Hola Y’all!

So excited this morning. Yesterday was the last day of intensive language classes. We had class everyday from 9-11 then 11:30-1:30 everyday- all in Spanish and all moving at super fast speed. I held of talking about it because I knew that my stress level wasn’t the healthiest from the intensity of the courses. But now that it’s over, I am able to be a peace with the immersion tactic because I know in the remaining course of my time here, these past two weeks will have been academically the most important. It’s a little scary how fast these two weeks have flown by. I can’t take for granite one minute of this place. All I have to do now is not to forget everything I studied. The good thing is though- it’s difficult to forget something when you’re forced to use it everyday.

From here on out, I have four classes. Clase de Espanol- todos los dias. Monday-Friday, 9-11. The program requires us to have Spanish everyday because we’re the “babies” compared to the upper two levels and require more attention. Then I have Spanish Cinema and Spanish Painting, these however are only twice week. I also have a Seminar on Living and Learning in Alicant√© that meets once a week. I’m very excited about these classes because they’ll give me a better impression of Spanish life and culture.

Something else to be super excited about- my friends and I actually booked a trip to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day!! Nothing is going to be more fun than this trip. There was definitely a lot of stress involved with coordinating and finding a hostel. Thankfully we’re all booked and set. I’m not sure exactly how many from our group will be there, but I know it’s a decent amount. My suggestion is, if you ever feel you have to be in Dublin on the 17th of March, book it a year in advance. Despite the stress involved, I’m here and I’m going to take advantage of my proximity to some of the best cities in Europe- Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Valencia, Paris, maybe even Prague or Copenhagen!

Side note- if you ever find yourself in this wonderful city I’ve made home for the next few months- go experience the nightlife. You meet the most interesting people. But more importantly- you have an absolute blast with your even more amazing new friends!

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