Poco a Poco


Views from Plaza Nueva   

El Mirador de San Nicholas

El Mirador de San Nicholas

The first day I arrived to Granada, I was unsure of what to expect. But as soon as I walked into my homestay and met the family I would be staying with for the semester, I was greeted with one phrase: “poco a  poco“. This phrase is pretty simple – it signifies learning and growing little by little. The concept of continuous growth, no matter the specific amount of growth at each time, is something that I believe will carry me through during my time working on my Spanish language skills and acclimating to Spain, and the culture of Granada, specifically.

Every day, I see how the phrase, “poco a poco”, is integrated into the city that is Granada. Each day, I have the opportunity to learn, see, experience, and take in something new. As I work to become fluent in Spanish during this semester, I am aware it’s a goal that will come to fruition immediately. Goals like this flourish little by little, poco a poco. It will come as I take classes in Spanish about religion, and history, and culture. It will come as I frequent coffee shops where the waiter begins to know my name. It will come as I sing karaoke at hole-in-the-wall bars with Spaniards. It will come as I make mistakes with the language, and as I laugh off my mistakes as I learn.

Poco a poco, little by little, I will grow throughout my semester abroad.

Our class hiked to a beautiful view of the Alhambra, a signature symbol of Granada.

Our class hiked to a beautiful view of the Alhambra, a signature symbol of Granada.


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Onto the Next One: Granada, Spain

It actually happened. I, Emily Griffin, blinked my eyes and somehow ended up as a junior in college and have started a new adventure that I’ve been thinking about since I started my college experience at Wofford. I’m headed to Granada, Spain for 4 months to begin my study abroad adventure. Right now, I’m headed to Boston. From Boston, I will go to Madrid, and from Madrid, I will go to Málaga, a city outside of Granada. Later this week, we will bus to Granada.

I’ve had more emotions today that I thought I would have. I have always been extremely independent, and I have always been ready to do things on my own. I also love to travel, so I thought my packing up and departure would be nearly emotionless. And while I am ecstatic, I mean, literally over-the-moon ready for my new adventures abroad, there are a few things I will miss about the United States, and particularly, the South and Wofford College:

1) I think it would be a disrespect to the restaurant if I didn’t say I’m going to miss Chick-fil-A. The chicken minis are just too good to not think about their absence in my life until December.

2) Family and friends back home. My oldest sister is having a baby next week and I’m sad that I’m just merely missing that life event.

3) The community at Wofford – a place where you always see a familiar face and can receive help when needed.

and, 4) How helpful and loving people of this nation are. As I leave the United States in the wake of a natural disaster in Texas and Louisiana, I’ve been reminded that while I have certainly been discouraged by our current political climate and by the atrocities that happen around the country daily, I am still in a country where so many people choose to be good to others. A country that cares for others in times of need. This makes me sure that there is more good than bad in both this nation and the world.

I am eager to see how people care and love for each other in Granada, as well.

I am so ready to share my experiences to those back in the U.S., and I cannot wait to see all of the good and beautiful things that Granada has to offer.





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