Is London Worth The Hype?

Posted by on September 6, 2018

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

–Samuel Johnson

Yall! London is amazing! I cannot even begin to describe how much I love it here; it’s the perfect mix between being in the states and being in an absolute foreign country. Oh—let me introduce myself—my name is Curneisha Williams (which you probably know because you clicked the link to my blog), I am a junior at Wofford and a Business Economics major, Mathematics minor. Wofford College is my home away from home, with all my favorite people and favorite things, and if it had now been for the great city of London tugging at my heartstrings, I would be there now welcoming the class of 2022. Rather, I am here in the great city of London living my absolute best life, eating peri-peri chicken, riding double decker buses, navigating the tube, and drinking proper tea.

I am currently in the beginning of week 4 and things are good. I am absolutely amazed at the diversity here; so many different types of people from all aspects of life cohabitate and work and simply do life together. The United States let alone doesn’t have that type of… magic, if you will. Honestly, it’s the diversity in London that attracted me in the first place; I wanted to experience a life where I don’t this unwanted spotlight on me wherever I go, I had this desire to blend in for once and I must say, it feels good to be normal. Even at Wofford, an institution that despite its faults is trying to be more inclusive, I am still a figurehead in a way, partly because of my extraordinary personality and partly because I’m the cool black girl that wears her bonnet and say things like “oh, yeah, that’s a white people thing.” Don’t get me wrong I love it, absolutely enjoy it, but it feels good to be different… to be normal. I was in shock the first couple of weeks, to be honest, I mean when have I ever blended into any group? Nevertheless, I’m adjusting and I’m quite fond of it.

London is definitely everything I’ve dreamed of and more; the food, the people, the weather, the hustle and bustle of everyday life—it’s all I wanted when filling out my study abroad application 8 months ago. It’s only week 4, 8 more weeks to go, but I’m not rushing anything along. Wofford has my heart but London, slowly but surely, is becoming my home.

Needless to say, London is 100% worth the hype.

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