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So as an avid RUF goer, you know that David Fisk likes to ask you what your takeaways are at the end of each large group/small group meeting. I thought I’d fill you in on my takeaways from Chile so far.

I finally had the chance to listen to all of the sermons from RUF this semester and they’ve been absolutely amazing. But I really do think that spurred me to think more of what God is doing through me during my time in Santiago.

This past Friday was Good Friday, and the start of Semana Santa. Everyone, and I mean everyone, left Santiago to vacation at the beach or cualquier location, leaving me lonely and bored in the city. There was a bit of miscommunication–I thought we were going hiking on Friday and not Saturday, so all morning I was trying to wake everyone up. That definitely failed. I was so discouraged; it seemed like nothing was going as planned. Everything was falling through. But it was beautiful outside and I wanted to enjoy the day! I decided to go to the park behind my house to read. (Multiply by Francis Chan is a wonderful read by the way, thanks Ashleigh!) When I wasn’t being interrupted by the numerous evangelists/Jehovah’s witnesses coming up to me, I was intrigued by how fitting the content was to my life right now. God has a plan for me here. He sent me to Santiago for a purpose. He knew what He was doing! And we don’t get to tell Him what we’re doing today or the next day or next week or even the rest of our lives. He’s got it all figured out. And because of that we can REST in Him. How many times a day do we wonder how something will get done, or how we’re going to get somewhere on time? And how much better will we feel when we don’t have that burden anymore? Gosh we serve an amazing God.

On Saturday a group of us went hiking in Cajón del Maipo to see El Morado, a natural monument in the area. Number 1, El Morado itself was absolutely breathtaking. Number 2, the mountains surrounding El Morado were GIGANTIC. Pictures can’t even begin to convey how high they were. It was spectacular spectacular. As we hiked along the path, all I could think about was frolicking about the scenery and singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music.” They were literally that amazing. But the most wonderful thing was thinking that God made these mountains, and He said that they were good. He also made us, and said that we were good. So basically we can equate ourselves to the most beautiful mountains in the world? Can you say powerful? And also, confidence booster?

Celebrating Easter Sunday in Santiago was wonderful! Although I missed my family traditions back home, I loved experiencing this special day in Chile. A group of us decided to go to the cathedral in Plaza de Armas for mass. I swear I felt my jaw drop when we walked into the doors of the cathedral. It was absolutely beautiful. I was so proud that I understood most of the service, which was all in Spanish obviously. But the neatest thing to me was being able to recognize the Apostles’ Creed and the Great Thanksgiving before communion. Listening to this huge cathedral full of chilenos say these rituals gave me the goosebumps! Being able to witness the Chileans’ faith was an incredible experience.

I can’t wait to see what else God will reveal to me here. This weekend was an eye opener, and I pray that I will be able to see more of Him every day!

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