The Week Before Thanksgiving

Posted by on November 26, 2014

WHAT A CRAZY TIME OF YEAR. Wow. I feel like I’m running on one of those little plastic hamster wheels, you know?

It was a busy week here in Copenhagen. Since I knew I’d have trouble writing posts, I remembered to take photos of everything I did so I could give a little bit of a visual narrative.

But you’ll never believe it. My computer deleted all the photos that I imported from my now-empty camera. Why? I don’t know. But that basically sums up my whole week right there.

So I’m sorry, team, lots of text coming your way.

Hightlights from the week:

1. Tia & I went ice skating! It was a DIS-sponsored event, and it was a total blast. I slipped and slid –  but I never fell. (Which is a huge relief. I’m not sure they let you return to Pennsylvania if you dishonor the state with poor ice sport abilities.)

2. My Danish class took a field trip to see Eivor Palsdottir in concert with the Danish Radio Big Band, and they were truly outstanding. They performed in a beautiful, repurposed church and left a prime seat available for the queen in case she decided to come. (She didn’t.) The music, which included recorded sounds of waves and caves, told the folktale of the Seal Woman. It was a powerful and moving performance, even though I knew none of the words, and I loved it.

3. My LLC floor discovered microwavable Danish popcorn. Game-changer.

4. My 20th & 21st Century Danish Architecture class took a field trip to visit a co-housing project and the office building of the Disabled People’s Organization in Denmark (DPOD)*. This building has been called “the most accessible office building in the world” – and for good reason. The architects took extra care to design for individuals with handicaps. The entire building is color-coded, for example, to help those with cognitive disabilities. The floors are grooved and the hand rails are pierced with small, directional metal knobs to help the blind navigate. Six (six!) different types of bathrooms exist in the building – each type uniquely suited for specific disabled users. The list of considerate design details goes on and on. It was fascinating.

5. I took my final exam in my Danish language class. It consisted of a listening exercise, a reading in Danish, translations, and an in-class essay on Danish culture. Kinda tough, but Tia & I studied together and I think we prepared well. (The class is far from over, though. We still have a final oral assignment, a paper, and a presentation due.)

6. My floor exchanged names for Secret Santa! I have Tia. Don’t tell her! *wink*

7. Lindsay visited me!! Her arrival was magic. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds (which is a big deal in Denmark – you should have seen the Facebook statuses), and the rain stopped (until she departed, at which point it promptly began again). We had the best time exploring the city together.


Anyway. My final project for architecture is due this weekend. The timing isn’t very fun. We don’t have vacation time for Thanksgiving here at DIS, and a large portion of my final project is due Friday – so although my floor has planned a make-shift Thanksgiving dinner (I’m in charge of pies!!), most of Thursday night will be spent (where else?) at my desk, following four hours of afternoon class.

Although I hate that I’m missing Thanksgiving (read: homesick), the good news is that I’m really enjoying Christmastime here in Denmark. There are adorable markets, lots of lights and wreaths and bows, a plethora of warm drinks, and a socially acceptable excuse to sing carols just a little bit early.

I’ll write again soon! Vi ses!


*The webpage of DPOD will open with photos that match the architectural features that I discussed. But!! If you click “In English” on the upper right-hand side, you can get a more thorough description of the building.

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