Hay Cosas que Necesitan Tiempo

Posted by on September 25, 2018

While I was walking to class one day, I noticed this huge piece of street art (seriously, it is hard to miss), and it said, “Hay cosas que necesitan tiempo”. If you’re not in tune with the Spanish language, it says “there are things that need time”. This hit me hard and I think about this quote all the time. I thought I was finally finding my way, until I actually started thinking about it. When you’re in a new place, there are things that you need to get used to fast- such as the places that you walk to everyday, finding local cafes (very important), the eating schedule, the social schedule, and the social-eating schedule (biiiig tapas city). Changing your schedule and using Google maps is easy, but immersing into the culture of a place and those around you takes time.

It has been around 3ish weeks since our program started. I will say I love Granada, love the places I have traveled to, and I know I will love the places that I am going to visit- however there are still things that need time. Meaningful interactions, learning and speaking in a different language, and feeling comfortable with yourself and the people around you. I am so thankful for my roomie for life, host family, and new friends I have made because I know everyone feels like this when they are in a new place.

On the ~bright-side~ of things the views every where in this city are incredible, the excursions we have been on, including Cabo de Gata and Ronda, have been breathtaking. I am SO excited for the next few weeks of travel with friends. I also have started my internship in a local hospital and I’m excited to see what things I will learn and can apply when I get back to the States.

Here are some cool pics of some places and some food. 🙂

If you know me, you know I love Mexican food and had to find a good Mexican restaurant. 


Host dad makes the best food, and desserts!!




Views outside of IES


2 Responses to Hay Cosas que Necesitan Tiempo

  1. Supinder Channa

    I love you and miss you Bali. Yes taking time is very important. The pictures are beautiful. Enjoy and take care. Love you, momma😘

  2. Preeti Chhatwal

    Does the Mexican food there taste different compared to USA? Great pictures! Have fun, learn loads and stay safe!

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