ROMO, Homecoming, Travel & Midterms

One thing I definitely missed this weekend was Homecoming! I love Homecoming, all of the activities and seeing all of my sweet alumni friends who made my first 2 years at Wofford so memorable. If this was me last year, I would have FOMO (fear of missing out) like no other. I used to have the worlds worst FOMO- if there was something going on that I wasn’t at, I always felt like I was missing out. But in fact, I had ROMO (relief of missing out) because I know I will experience more Homecomings but I will not experience this challenging, fun, sometimes awkward adventure as a student again.

I’ve been really lucky because I’ve been able to travel and see a lot since I’ve been here (thank you mom & dad). So far, Ruhi & I have been to Munich, Madrid, Dublin on our own and Cabo de Gata, Ronda, and Córdoba with our program. Each place has been really different and I am so grateful for that.

In Munich, we went to Oktoberfest and met up with our best gal, Jordan, and her roommate. We also saw other friends from Wofford which made the weekend so much more fun.

In Madrid, we stayed in a hostel in the city center. Madrid is by far one of my favorite Spanish cities because it is huge and there is so much to do. Of course, we did all of the touristy things: Prado museum, Reina Sofia, Parque de Retiro, Bernabéu fútbol stadium, and more!

Dublin has been my favorite city so far! I loved the culture, the diversity, the food, and the views. I wish I had more time there but this will be on the list of cities I want to visit again. We did all of the touristy things + spent a day traveling to the Cliffs of Moher. We were very lucky and had perfect weather all weekend.

While in Dublin, I realized what Granada was missing- integration of diversity. A few weeks ago, I thought I was finally getting in to the groove of Granada until I started talking about why I didn’t ~loooooove~ it. *Omg Bali doesn’t love it there omg what??* Well, not all study abroad experiences are the same and social media can be so deceiving. I love Granada, but I don’t ~loooove~ it, you feel me?? I don’t think Granada is up to speed with the diversity aspect that other European cities have. Maybe it’s the size of the city that influences this, but it’s something that I wasn’t able to see until I started people watching in Dublin.

Amongst all of this travel and self-realization, it is also “mid-term” season. This semester has been different because I’m taking classes that go towards my gen-ed requirements. For the most part, they are pretty interesting and all are taught in Spanish. I am definitely going to need to adjust my study habits when I go back to Woff because exams here vs exams there are so different. 

I can’t believe I’ve been in Granada for half of a semester. I have had some great days, and not so great days- but I am thankful for all of the days that I do have here. I’m ready to conquer this latter half, eat more falafel (like I already don’t eat it enough), and make the most of these next 9 weeks!!

I’m going to try to write more, but don’t hold me accountable to that.

Until next time!


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Hay Cosas que Necesitan Tiempo

While I was walking to class one day, I noticed this huge piece of street art (seriously, it is hard to miss), and it said, “Hay cosas que necesitan tiempo”. If you’re not in tune with the Spanish language, it says “there are things that need time”. This hit me hard and I think about this quote all the time. I thought I was finally finding my way, until I actually started thinking about it. When you’re in a new place, there are things that you need to get used to fast- such as the places that you walk to everyday, finding local cafes (very important), the eating schedule, the social schedule, and the social-eating schedule (biiiig tapas city). Changing your schedule and using Google maps is easy, but immersing into the culture of a place and those around you takes time.

It has been around 3ish weeks since our program started. I will say I love Granada, love the places I have traveled to, and I know I will love the places that I am going to visit- however there are still things that need time. Meaningful interactions, learning and speaking in a different language, and feeling comfortable with yourself and the people around you. I am so thankful for my roomie for life, host family, and new friends I have made because I know everyone feels like this when they are in a new place.

On the ~bright-side~ of things the views every where in this city are incredible, the excursions we have been on, including Cabo de Gata and Ronda, have been breathtaking. I am SO excited for the next few weeks of travel with friends. I also have started my internship in a local hospital and I’m excited to see what things I will learn and can apply when I get back to the States.

Here are some cool pics of some places and some food. 🙂

If you know me, you know I love Mexican food and had to find a good Mexican restaurant. 


Host dad makes the best food, and desserts!!




Views outside of IES


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The “Bubble”

Everyone has their “bubble”, whether it be their personal bubble, social bubble or the famous “Wofford Bubble”. My bubble was DEFINITELY bursted during these first 2 days in Spain.

Our program began in Málaga, Spain. 100+ strangers in a hotel with the program staff. You can imagine the continuous small talk, “Hey what’s your name? Where are you from? What school do you go to? Oh VERY cool”… which would often continue with “Bali, from Spartanburg, South Carolina and I go to Wofford.” “Where’s that?”… “South Carolina”… “OHHHH, cool”. And this happened many, many times.

I love people. I would consider myself a people person. So naturally, when I’m thrown in situations like this I want to get to know people. However, it becomes difficult when you’re 1. jet-lagged, 2. caffeine deprived, 3. and when others are just as nervous as you.

I learned very quickly that this was going to be an uncomfortable start, and my bubble needed to disappear. However, there is a bright side to it all, and that is most of my friendships started with an uncomfortable start.

Today, we arrived in Granada after 1.5 days of orientation in Málaga (and Ruhi finally made it). Our host family is wonderful and I can’t wait to try new food every day. I’m so excited to learn new things about Granada and about myself everyday.

Stay tuned for more blogs about food, travel & personal growth!!



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