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Posted by on December 2, 2013

My host mom Nora just said, “Mañana es un otra día.”  She’s right, obviously, because realistically speaking tomorrow is another day.  But looking a little deeper into the phrase, tomorrow is another day given to us as a gift and it should be lived as so.  For me, tomorrow is another day closer to leaving my beautiful life here in Buenos Aires and in these final days, especially after the celebration of Thanksgiving in the U.S., I’m am reminded of the endless Argentine things, places, traditions and most importantly, people that I am thankful for.

I’ve come to learn that for me during this semester, blessings can be even richer in hindsight. For the past four months, I’ve been integrating into another culture by learning Argentine traditions, participating in typical native events, trying new foods and going on unique adventures.  I haven’t been doing it alone though.  Throughout this entire experience, I’ve had my abroad friends by my side.  I was reminded of the importance of great friendships two Fridays ago when I had to say goodbye to my two very best abroad friends.  I was reminded of how much of a blessing my friendships with my fellow IES Abroad students are.  How special it is that I shared such a life changing experience with such a memorable group of people.  I now have plenty of friends from the North – so what a great excuse to travel even more so I can visit them!

Speaking of traveling, I was beyond blessed to travel to Chile last weekend to visit Elizabeth and Sarah Grace who are currently studying abroad in Santiago and to visit my Chilean host family in Viña del Mar from Interim 2012.  It was a dream come true to spend time with them again in Viña and reflect on old memories while making new ones.  We had helado every day I was there, of course – hitting up the typical spots like Bravissimo and Mó.  We walked the path by the ocean, ate mariscos, visited Valparaiso and all piled into our parents’ bed to watch tv just like old times.  After my Interim in Viña, I dreamed of visiting again to see my Chilean host family but never did I imagine that I would actually have the opportunity to do so!  I am everthankful for memories like these and for the people I’ve met in both Chile and Argentina that have made my abroad experiences so worthwhile.

Before my plane takes off in a few days, I only have one more exam then plenty of fun activities planned with my Argentine host family (whom I’m obviously going to talk about in my final Argentine blog post).  In my final days here, I’m especially going to be giving thanks for all things Argentina.  Y por eso, ¡re afortunado!

Alex, Louisa and me – I cannot count the endless memories I have with these amazing chicas!

There’s nothing like a day on the beach in November!

Thankful for my sweet Chilean family



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