Fashionable and Fabulous

Posted by on August 13, 2013

¿Cuál es la moda? This question – What is fashion? – is quite relevant here in Buenos Aires. People here don’t necessarily all have the same fashion or style, but most everyone is stylish in his or her own way.  I’ve noticed that overall people value their appearance here which I appreciate.

There are some styles that are more prevalent here than in the United States.  A few of these are, but are not limited to, platform shoes, floral patterns, short boots, scarves, and leggings. All of these clothing items and accessories are seen daily on the city streets and in store windows as well.  Although platform shoes haven’t been a big thing in the USA since I was in middle school, I’m thinking about investing in a pair of platform booties and maybe bringing back that trend at home so we’ll see how that turns out.

This past Friday, my friend Louisa and I got to encounter real, important, famous fashion at the Buenos Aires Fashion Week (“BAFWeek”) which was held at La Rural Fairgrounds.  It was so fun to experience such a cultural and influential event for the city!  We attended two different fashion shows – one for “Las Pepas” and another for “Kostüme”.  We also walked around the many different showrooms that showcased items from local stores, had our makeup done by a professional makeup artist from Natura Una, and got free Ohlala magazines.  To top it off, we each bought a necklace from the Soers booth and they gave us free key chains just because.  It was a great day, all courtesy of my sweet host mom who gave us the free tickets! (Just as a side note: we saw one of the models at Burger King with her husband and son after the show and although we weren’t courageous enough to talk to her/tell her she did a good job, she smiled at us and definitely knew that we knew who she was so that was cool…)


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