New Arrivals from Tunisia

Posted by on September 19, 2012

So yesterday we were told by our director that there would be fourteen new SIT students coming to Toulouse from Tunisia due to all of the violence and conflict going on in that part of the world. I don’t think any of us really knew what to expect, but today we got to meet them. They all seemed pretty upset that they may not be spending the semester in Tunisia but were also very excited for the opportunity to come to France. Many of them have never been here so to see the architecture, people, food, etc. was incredible for them.

I didn’t have classes this afternoon so I went to a kebab place for lunch with a few of them and explained the SIT Toulouse program. They had so many questions about what we were doing here and why we chose France. After lunch, I took them to the Capital and St. Sernin, a famous church here in Toulouse. I kept having these odd realizations about how funny it was to be showing Americans around a town that I have come to consider my own in the month that I have been here. It was a pretty cool comparison between the initial feelings I had about being in France and the relaxed attitude I have acquired. I am really glad I got to show them around because I don’t think I would be as aware of how quickly I have acclimated to being in France.

I am about to go play tennis with a friend from school so I have to go, but I wanted to put those thoughts in writing before I forget about them. I’ll take my camera to take a picture or two of the tennis courts we play on. More to come…

2 Responses to New Arrivals from Tunisia

  1. Chandra

    Love the pictures Alex! Thanks for adding them.

  2. Florence

    Hi! I'm a freshman from China and planning to major in French. I really love this program!! Maybe we can talk after u back to Wofford:)