Post Soviet Politics

So I’m taking a class on Hungarian Culture this semester and today we had our lecture on the various ethnic groups in Hungary and how everyone got here. Sweet lord, I’m convinced an American Culture class would be a joke at this point. One student made a comment about how identity politics work in the … Continue reading »

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Some background info

I’ve already been here almost a month since I took an intensive language course before school started. Let me tell you, if you’re studying abroad not for language or in a place that speaks English, do this. It was 2 weeks, $350, and is the only reason I can buy groceries like an adult here. … Continue reading »

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Szia! My name’s Aidan, I’m a senior math major. I’m studying in Budapest because it gives me so many opportunities in math and in general that I wouldn’t have anywhere else. I’ve already started learning and meeting people. Definitely looking forward to this semester.

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