Apartment Life!

Posted by on September 28, 2017

Between school and trying to carve out a social group and the GRE (which I did really well on despite getting lost and then told to leave the testing center, so yay!), I haven’t really known what I should blog about. There’s so much going on and at the same time, not a lot. My typical day is just staying at home, doing homework and making dinner. But Kyle says I should blog about my living situation here, which I think is a great idea.

I’ll include pictures at the bottom, but I’m actually doing a homestay. I think that’s the only part of my housing application they read because I said “outside of the city please, also I’m a neat freak.” And they put me in the center of Pest where everything happens, and I’m living with a kind of messy older couple. I couldn’t be happier with it though. The apartment is the biggest by far that I’ve seen and one of the nicest. The commute to school is way better than the kids who are out of town (think 20 min as opposed to an hour) so I can even go home for things like lunch.

Speaking of food, I am actually starting to miss Burwell. Well, not Burwell, maybe Zach’s, Phase V. I just miss all the convenient food. Now I have to wait for my pasta to boil like some sort of actual adult?? That being said, I don’t have a “normal” diet. Today I had nachos for lunch and dinner because I WAS SO FREAKING EXCITED TO FIND NACHOS IN A STORE HERE. Best $5 I’ve ever spent. Aside from that, as you can tell, I’ve sort of had to assimilate into eating more of what Hungarian’s eat. For the most part, it’s been really great. They have a candy that’s just cheese in chocolate (it sounds weird but my Hungarian culture professor assured me that Hungarians find PB&J the strangest thing ever, so everything is about perspective), also paprika. You can get paprika anything. I got paprika store brand cheetos today.

I guess in conclusion, everything is perfect and wonderful. Well, not perfect, there are still some things I’d change, but I love this whole experience I have the privilege of living.



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