What’s Going On At WoCo?

There has been so much going on lately on top of all the midterms. Here are a few things that we’ve been busy doing at Wofford.

  • The men’s basketball team won the championship game against Furman giving us an automatic bid at the the NCAA tournament. It was so much fun to be a part of March Madness and to cheer on my school with all my friends. Even though we didn’t advance in the end, it was a great time and everyone was proud!
  • The student body elections are coming up soon! Students will be able to choose who they think will best represent the school and advocate for the students.
  • This month is Women’s History Month. There have been many events to celebrate the month. A friend of mine and I hosted a discussion on Black Feminism and Womanism. The month will end tomorrow with the Annual Conference on Gender.
  • Tomorrow is Transgender Visibility Day and students will be invited to wear pink and blue (the colors on the transgender flag) to show their support.

Aside from these events, are so many more events going on that students will be involved in on campus. This just going to show how many different things there are that you can be involved in at Wofford. There is a diverse group of organizations to make students feel comfortable and welcome.

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Spring is here!

I cannot believe that it’s only 50 days till graduation! It feels like I am still a freshman (I’ve finished my major and all the classes I’m taking are freshman classes)! Even though I have been here for several years, I am still constantly shocked by how gorgeous the campus can be. So this morning I was walking to class, and I was so surprised that all the flowers bloomed overnight. It just lights up my mood to see all these beautiful colors. Wofford has one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve seen, and if you still haven’t made up your mind on whether or not to come to Wofford, schedule a campus visit or a Senior Specialty Visit. Want more information about the visits? Feel free to email us (admission@wofford.edu) or call us (864-597-4132)!

Photo Mar 18, 12 26 51 PM Photo Mar 18, 12 28 27 PM

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Life after Wofford

So today I had dinner with a Admission representative from Duke University Fuqua School of Business. He is here for an information session for graduate admission. I know that for most of you who are reading the blog, it is still too early to think about graduate school. Yet you’ll be surprised by how fast college goes by, and within no time you will be thinking of your plans after you graduate. It is always good to know that Wofford has so many resources to prepare you for after graduation. Whether you want to get a job or to continue your study, the Space at Wofford will have the information that caters to your personal needs. There will be companies coming to Wofford doing on campus interviews, as well as graduate schools hosting information sessions. Wofford also has an alumni network, where you can be connected with alumni from industries that you are interested in. Sounds like something you want to know more about? Feel free to email the Admissions Office or the Space directly to get more information!

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Wofford Men’s Basketball is one Step Closer to Goin’ Dancing!

Good morning folks!

I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend. It has been a great weekend here at Wofford and I’ll tell you why.  The Wofford Men’s Basketball Team has advanced to the Southern Conference Basketball championship game! It will be televised live on national television on ESPN2 at 7 P.M. I have had the opportunity to attend every basketball game that Wofford has played in so far over this past weekend because Wofford’s Athletic Department has been generous enough to sponsor tour buses for the student body to get on and ride to the U.S. Cellular Arena at a discounted cost. For a college student on a budget, it has been so nice to have been allotted this opportunity to cheer on my Terriers, and tonight I will do so again! The fans that have attended the games thus far have been rowdy and we are only going to need them to be even more so tonight! It is number one seed Wofford vs. number 10 seed Furman, a rivalry championship game!

So tonight tune in to ESPN2 and join me in cheering on our Terriers to a championship!

Go T-Dawgs,


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There’s Something Happening Here…

Today while I was at my on campus job at the Integrated Technology Department, I was listening to some soft background music as I attempted to finish some homework. The song “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield came on as the Pandora station I was listening to shuffled to the next song and for some reason that I did not fully understand, this song struck a particular chord to me. I have heard this song multiple times before and I have always liked it, but I guess I never engaged with what the words actually meant. Something that I thought about at the conclusion of this song was what has been happening to me over the past four years I have been a student here at Wofford College. Looking back I have learned so much, not only academically, but also about myself. I have learned how to better understand others. I have learned how to be a better listener as well as a critical thinker. I have learned how to lead and I have a better understanding of when to follow. As the words of the song faded out and another song began to play, I paused the music and continued to think about my Wofford experience. My Wofford experience is something that I will never be able to fully put into words. It is something that I can feel. When I look around at this campus from the top of the stairs of the Main Building and I look around at our campus’s natural beauty, I cannot ignore the people that make up this community. I believe that Wofford’s greatest asset is the people that make this place so great. The students who have chosen to be here have chosen something more than the ordinary. Students here have decided to reject the typical collegiate experience that a state university stereotypically will seemingly provide. Students here have made a choice to be a part of something greater; a community that they can have a say in. A community where they know that their opinions matter and that their voices are fully heard. A community where professors are here to guide you through some of life’s most existential questions. A community that is above the mundane. A community that is special.

It is difficult for me to believe that what I am typing here does not sound like just a bunch of words strung along but I know they are not. They are something more than that. They are my best attempt to put into words an experience that I will never be able to put a price tag on. Enrolling in Wofford and becoming a student here has been the single best decision I have ever made in my entire life thus far. I understand that Wofford will not be a place that every undergraduate student will thrive, but you want to know something? That is completely fine. Wofford doesn’t accept students that are ordinary. Wofford admits students who they know will be an important piece of this community and who will thrive here. As my time at this wonderful place comes to an end, I hope that I will be able to sit down at my computer and put these feelings that I have sputtered together into something more succinct and straightforward. For now, this will have to do.

Until next time,


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Come See Us at Wofford!

The Main Event is coming up soon!!! The Main Event is a really fun opportunity for accepted students to meet some potential classmates and see a different side of Wofford. I will probably never forget going to the Main Event last year. I won’t spoil the activities that y’all will be doing, but I remember meeting one of my best friends now, my roommate, and a ton of other people that I’m close with here at Wofford! I was not able to stay overnight because I had missed too much school from previous illnesses, but lots of my friends did and they still talk about the memories. My favorite part about the Main Event is thinking about the memories once you finally get here. I will be hosting students this year, and I can’t wait to meet some new perspective students and try to convince people to make my home their home! I hope that lots of  you consider coming to see Wofford, meet some great people, and stay with some students (possibly me) that will tell you everything you will need to know about Wofford!

If you want to register there is still time! Click Here—> MAIN EVENT REGISTRATION

I'm not even going to tell you what was going on here but I hope you come to the Main Event and find out.

I’m not even going to tell you what was going on here but I hope you come to the Main Event and find out.

This is proof that I met one of my close friends at the Main Event.

This is proof that I met one of my close friends at the Main Event.

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Chinese New Year

February 19th was the Chinese New Year, and being at Wofford means that you get to experience all different cultures. There are events for the German Beer Festival, the Chinese New Year, the Chinese Moon Festival, and the international week where you get to go to booths from all different countries. So if you are interested in gaining some international experience, Wofford is a great place to be! Also, there are quite a few international students on campus, and you can definitely learn about different cultures (or ask for some authentic food) from them!


Photo Feb 17, 12 00 32 PM Photo Feb 17, 12 32 12 PM Photo Feb 21, 6 53 06 PM



It has been snowing in Spartanburg lately, and our fountain was frozen! Check it out!


Photo Feb 20, 1 02 33 PM   Photo Feb 20, 1 03 23 PM

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Snow Day February 17th, 2015

Good afternoon folks!

I hope you are doing well and staying warm! I was looking at the forecast for Upstate South Carolina today online and I saw that the low tonight is 9 degrees and the low for tomorrow is 1 degree! I have never been anywhere that cold and it is hard to believe that it is going to be so chilly here at Wofford. It has been a great past two days because we received a lot of ice and a little bit on snow on Monday evening. Wofford is normally a beautiful place to visit and live if you are a student here but it has been especially so this week. When we get wintery precipitation at Wofford it completely transforms the campus. The normally active Wofford squirrels have virtually disappeared, the Wofford Hawk has been absent, and the multitudes of birds cannot be found. Even through you can’t find any wildlife right now around campus, one thing that you can see is the large number of people who braved the elements and icy conditions and came to Wofford to do their normal jobs and make our lives easier and a bit more comfortable. I am talking about the grounds crew, maintenance, and food services. It means so much to me that they did not take a day off work when the college was under a winter weather advisory and they did their jobs with a smile.

I say this a lot and I really do mean this, the people at Wofford are what makes my college such a great place to live and learn. There is a true sense of community in this place and if you do not believe me, how about you come for a campus visit and I will show you what I am talking about personally.

Until next time!


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Spring Semester Lets Go!

Spring semester has begun and it is time to get to work! It is difficult going from just one class to six. It is nice to get back into my usual routine of going to class and going to the library and hanging with friends. I love my psychology professor because she really offers a different perspective on careers in psychology. Being a psychology major can get discouraging at times because everyone wants to say that you will never get a job. One of my favorite things about Wofford is that there are so many resources available to get internships, connections, or just general information about your field of study. My professor for Experimental Methods (Psychology) is a legal consultant. She goes to different courtrooms and testifies on how accurate eyewitness testimonies can be among many other things. I think it is so interesting that we have a professor at Wofford that can really give lots of information on two different fields and bring them together. Wofford is steady giving more and more opportunities to get my life together and figure out all the career paths that are possible.

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Just when I thought that the cold weather will be over soon, it snowed! Yep, snow at Wofford! I know, I know, it snowed last year too, but since I was abroad last year, this is actually my first time seeing snow at Wofford. I’ve been inside my dorm since yesterday afternoon, so this morning, when I opened my door, I was like WOAH! Everything is covered in ice! I am originally from the north, so snow doesn’t really surprise me, but I haven’t seen snow in almost 2 years (London doesn’t normally have snow either), so this is still exciting! Photo Feb 17, 10 27 54 AM Photo Feb 17, 10 27 50 AM Photo Feb 17, 10 27 56 AM


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