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Feeling Back at Home

This post is slightly overdue, seeing as we have been back on Wofford’s campus for nearly two months this school year. However, my “reverse culture shock” just ended (about) last week. What is reverse culture shock, you might ask? Well, I was abroad in Perugia, Italy last semester. Upon arrival we were warned about the … Continue reading »

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Cravings in Paris

This past weekend I ventured to Milan on Thursday via train (my first solo train ride) to meet up with Jennifer, who is studying there for the semester! Although I was nervous about taking the train alone to a new city and THEN navigating the metro in Milan, I managed to survive with zero problems … Continue reading »

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Expecting the Unexpected- Italian Adventures

Ciao! Sorry for the massive delay in blog posts…the Italian internet has not liked my attempts to blog and has deleted my blogs twice before I had the chance to publish them! So…I am going to back track a little bit to 2 weekends ago!   On the second Tuesday we were here, my friends … Continue reading »

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Learning the Italian Lifestyle…and The First Days of School

As I mentioned in my last post, intensive Italian classes were last week and then this past monday we started our regular classes. I am taking an Italian class, business of wine, sustainability in food production and an international marketing class. So far I have been to 3 out of the 4 classes I am … Continue reading »

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It has been a few days since I arrived (it is Wednesday and I arrived Saturday) in Italy, but life in Italy is great so far! I traveled for 23 hours from Columbus to JFK airport to Berlin to Rome. In Rome I spent the night in the hotel attached to the airport until we … Continue reading »

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Note: This blog post is from a few days ago but I have been without Internet until now!! December 29, 2014 Welcome to my “avventura italiana”! I am so excited to be sharing all of the adventures I will experience over the next few months with my friends and family back home! I have been … Continue reading »

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The Finals Aroma

The aroma of finals week has arrived at Wofford. Next week is our finals week and all of the students have tucked away into their rooms, the library, Milliken, and any other study area they can fine to sit down and study hard for the next week. The week leading up to finals week and … Continue reading »

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Let the Countdown Begin…

As a lot of people know, Wofford is a Liberal Arts College, meaning that the college has a belief in a well-rounded student. Students take classes in a wide array of areas in the academic world: religion, chemistry, math, english, physical education and many more. Now that I have completed several classes in these areas … Continue reading »

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Wait, You Mean I Need to Find an Internship? No Problem.

Coming into college as a freshman, senior year seems so far off. There is no way that four years can fly by with a snap of your fingers. But, just wait; before you know it, you’ll be me, a (almost) second semester junior with only 3 semesters of college left (and here comes the panic … Continue reading »

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How In the World Did I End Up Here?

I am the girl from Ohio. Ohio to Wofford? You may be wondering how in the world, I, the girl who lives right down the street from THE Ohio State ended up at a small, liberal arts school that is relatively unheard of by most Ohioans. Well here is the scoop: Coming from a family … Continue reading »

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