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A long time ago in a galaxy not so far, far away, the skies opened up and from heaven’s gates descended the greatest gift a college student could ever hope for:

Interim at Wofford.

On paper, interim is Wofford’s January term, a break between Fall and Spring semesters where students must take one class, five days a week. Some choose to stay on campus during this time, but somewhere in one’s four years here, studying abroad becomes the great highlight of interim.

However, there is so much more to Wofford’s Jan-term than those few facts. Imagine a really challenging fall semester jam packed with essays, mandatory reading, and endless research assignments– all culminating in the most stressful week of the year. Of course, afterwards students and faculty have a long break, celebrating the holidays and relaxing for two weeks, but first all have trudged through what could be a brutal few months of work.

Now, at the end of this break, you have a choice: go back to school and repeat the workload of that fall semester immediately, or keep relaxing in January and have that month act as buffer between the two terms.

No one would willingly choose choice A!

Three¬†weeks into interim and I am very satisfied. I am taking a class titled¬†Writer’s Workout, in which I get to write for three hours a day. This probably sounds like a complete nightmare to some, but to me, future author of the great American novel, this class is perfect!

During Interim, one can take a class on a number of subjects. The class does not have to be relevant to one’s major, and academic advisors encourage students to choose something totally out of their major’s field. There is contemporary dance, Tae Kwon Do, and sewing classes, classes on business or geocaching, and even a rock climbing class. And this list doesn’t even name the classes that meet abroad!

My class does not start until 1 o’clock so I sleep in, walk to Burwell for my daily bagel, and then spend the hours before class doing anything but study since I don’t have to. From someone who pushed himself really hard in the Fall (and plans on pushing even harder in the Spring), Interim is a godsend.

Friends from other schools either have an optional Jan-term or jump right into their respective Spring semesters. Instead, we are offered this chance to fill out the liberal arts education by exploring some new interest or new lands! There are so many reasons to choose Wofford and Interim is somewhere near the top of the list! No matter what one decides to do with this time, I think just having the options Wofford offers us makes Interim an important and exciting time.

Check out a full list of the courses offered this year:


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