The Finals Aroma

Posted by on December 5, 2014

The aroma of finals week has arrived at Wofford. Next week is our finals week and all of the students have tucked away into their rooms, the library, Milliken, and any other study area they can fine to sit down and study hard for the next week. The week leading up to finals week and the week of finals come with a lack of sleep, filling out several study guides, writing papers, and praying that the following days will come with a lot of papers and tests with a big, fat “A” written on top.¬†¬†Although this normally is a high stress time for most students, I love being at Wofford because my peers and my professors help to alleviate a lot of that stress.

It never fails that during finals time, people become nicer, more willing to help each other, and people come together to take small study breaks. During this week, it is often rare to find a time to spend with friends, however, Wofford students make time for each other. My suite-mates came together for a dinner off-campus last night to take a little break from the hours we had already spent with our heads in our textbooks. This hour of time was all I needed to help me push through my studying the rest of the night. Saturday, a group of my friends and I have a 1 hour secret santa exchange set up to have another small study break with each other. It is the little things like these that help make finals week a little sweeter.

My friends are not the only people making finals week a bit more bearable. My professors, too, have been a great support system this week and will continue to be next week. Most professors have extended his or her office hours, are responding quicker to emails, and are providing students with all tools to success that he or she can. I have never seen professors who are so set on helping their students succeed.

It is times like these, that I am thankful I go to a school where the campus is a family. I like to relate finals time and Wofford to a family going through a stressful or crazy time (i.e. having to spend the holidays with your crazy aunt)- it is when people come together. Wofford finals week brings people together. We are all tired, in need of a shower, a nap or a big cup of coffee, and a hug from our mom, but when there is a shortage of all of those things, we have our Wofford friends and professors next to our side, helping us get through this stressful time!

Time to head back to studying!


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