Let the Countdown Begin…

Posted by on November 21, 2014

As a lot of people know, Wofford is a Liberal Arts College, meaning that the college has a belief in a well-rounded student. Students take classes in a wide array of areas in the academic world: religion, chemistry, math, english, physical education and many more. Now that I have completed several classes in these areas of study and have focused in on my Finance major, I have found that I am still craving to know more about areas outside of my area of study. I like to joke around in saying that Wofford has made me into someone who has an interest in too many areas of study. No wonder I had a hard time picking my major. 🙂

With this continual desire to learn more about other areas than Finance, I have decided to leave Wofford for the spring semester to go to Perugia, Italy to do a Food and Wine Studies Program at the Umbra Institute. I leave for this semester long adventure January 2nd (just a month and a half away). Although it will be so difficult to leave my friends and the constant fun at Wofford (I’m sure I’ll have a little FOMO- fear of missing out), I am excited to go on an adventure to learn more about another area of interest of mine- wine and food.

When I first learned that I could go abroad to learn about sustainability, the culture and history of food, and wine, I thought- how cool is this?- my school allows me to go abroad and learn something so very different from my major studies. This is why I love that Wofford focuses on a well rounded student. Although some may view it as far fetched, I strongly believe that what I learn about food and wine in Italy will benefit my finance and business studies at Wofford. I hope that what I learn will open my mind to new areas of business, new viewpoints in the finance world, and the acceptance of different cultures within business.

So let the countdown begin….

This is a photograph from Perugia, Italy, where I will be studying abroad in the spring.

This is a photograph from Perugia, Italy, where I will be studying abroad in the spring.


PS. Stay tuned as I will be blogging my adventures abroad in the Spring!

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