Wait, You Mean I Need to Find an Internship? No Problem.

Posted by on November 13, 2014

Coming into college as a freshman, senior year seems so far off. There is no way that four years can fly by with a snap of your fingers. But, just wait; before you know it, you’ll be me, a (almost) second semester junior with only 3 semesters of college left (and here comes the panic attack). In just a year and a half from now, I have to leave the safety net of a college campus and actually find a job.

Coming into college it is also so easy to get so wrapped up in school, extra-cirriculars, living with friends, and attending fun event after fun event, that you sometimes forget you have to step off Wofford’s campus and actually get a little bit of experience in the real world (aka scary world) before you graduate. Before I knew it I was a nearly 21 year old with zero actual job experience (unless you count babysitting) and no idea what I wanted to do with my life after graduation, and even if I did know what I wanted to do, I had no idea what that might actually entail on a day to day basis.

This is when I get lucky that I go to a school like Wofford. All I had to do was take a ten second walk out of my dorm room, across the street to The Space/Mungo Career Center located in Phase V. I walked in the door and instantly I felt a sigh of relief. I instantly had a mentor who could show me the in’s and out’s of LinkedIn, Vault (another career assistance database Wofford provides to its students) and how to find an internship and network with Wofford Alumni.

My meeting with a member of the Space Team started as a therapy session with me stressing out about life, but ended with me applying for three local internships. Within two weeks I had an interview for a finance and accounting internship, was meeting with the CEO of The Spartanburg County Foundation, and joining the SCF team as an intern for the semester. This opportunity will provide me with work experience and confidence in the workforce and it will also allow me to network within the Spartanburg community.

My point of this is that in a matter of one hour I was able to go from a lost Junior in college with zero idea what I wanted to do to someone who was “employed” and getting to apply what I was learning in my classes to the real world. What I am doing at my internship may not end up being my final career path, but I will never again take for granted having the career assistance that I have access to at Wofford. The people in The Space/ Mungo Center truly care about my success and helped me in any way they could. I am so thankful to no longer be that junior who has no work experience and no idea what to do with her life.

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