“On the City’s Northern Border”

Posted by on November 13, 2014

“On the City’s Northern Border”, begins the Wofford College Alma Mater. Just this week began the fall season of my sophomore year at Wofford College and I made an intriguing discovery pertaining to my Spartanburg surroundings. Just North of campus on Garner Road sits the Bellews Market, a farm-to-table produce stand, which provides locally grown produce and goods for the everyday consumer. I passed the market on my way to grab a study snack from Cookout, a go-to for most Terriers when satisfying our basic college palates. In an effort to diversify my nutritional intake with something that might improve my health I stopped in to browse Bellews. What I found was nothing short of lip smackin’ happiness. From homemade jalapeño pimento cheese to fresh Spartanburg blackberries their selection was large and ripe. I purchased a container of the pimento cheese and two ripened honey crisp apples for a grand total of $3.79. On a college budget I did not squirm at the price tag, instead I was rather impressed with the bang for my buck. My apples were delicious and the pimento cheese did not survive the next 6 hours.
Spartanburg has a lot to offer, but sometimes it takes a curious eye or an empty stomach as a reason to leave campus. It is the little or simple things that mean the most. Branch out in Spartanburg. Don’t restrict your time to the “City’s Northern Border”, or Wofford’s campus itself.

Bakin’ cakes and eatin’ em too since ‘94

M.W. Jones

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