Who I am, where I came from and why I am writing for you

Posted by on November 4, 2014

My name is Madison Jones and I am a sophomore at Wofford College. I am from a quaint town in South West Georgia called Thomasville. Geographically, I grew up an hour from The Gulf of Mexico, 30 minutes from Tallahassee, Florida, and four hours west of Savannah. I grew up hunting and fishing in an outdoorsman’s paradise. Hardwood swamps, longleaf pines, agricultural fields, public lakes, rivers, and abundant wildlife are what I attribute to home.
I attended a small public school, Thomasville High School, for my scholastic career. Most juniors and seniors at my high school were not familiar with Wofford (7 hours north) but I had the benefit of older siblings and their college searches. My older sister is a Wofford alumnus, who graduated in 2013. I looked at many school, large and small before I decided on Wofford.
Why Wofford? The question that I continue to ask others and myself… I chose Wofford, at first, because of student-professor relationships that I built in the interview stages of senior year. I knew that I wanted to pursue Environmental Studies wherever I went to college and I felt a close connection with the Wofford Environmental vision. In our department we study environmental changes, issues, and business proposals based on the changing world around us. We are an innovative and adaptive major that studies environmental topics from a multi-tiered approach: Humanities, social sciences, and hard sciences.
What does that mean? Well, we take an issue such as global sea rise and ask why it is happening, politically? What is accelerating it economically? What factors, biologically and chemically make this an issue? And, finally, based on all of the ways that we view the issue what is the best plan for attacking it?
Wofford provides a constructive environment that entices questions. Instead of stopping at the answer, professors prod students to think of issues critically and on multiple levels. This is “Why Wofford” for me.

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