How In the World Did I End Up Here?

Posted by on November 4, 2014

I am the girl from Ohio. Ohio to Wofford? You may be wondering how in the world, I, the girl who lives right down the street from THE Ohio State ended up at a small, liberal arts school that is relatively unheard of by most Ohioans. Well here is the scoop:

Coming from a family where it is tradition to go to a small liberal arts school, I knew that just like the rest of my family, I wanted a small school, too. I also knew that the chilling temperatures I have experienced for six months of the year, every year since I was born was not going to continue if I had the option to go anywhere in this country for college. So, I decided early on that I would leave the Midwest for a more desirable climate. So, where else would I look, other than the sunny, sweet-tea drinking, and close to the ocean states of the Carolinas?

I grew up traveling to South Carolina, as both of my parents discovered and fell in love with Hilton Head in their college years. I knew at a very young age that I loved the southern culture; the door-holding gentleman, people with great manners and hospitality, and even better food was hard to resist. This love of the Carolina’s never faded and when it came time to finally start the college search, I was determined to research every single small school in the Carolina’s. It only took a few trips across the Mason-Dixon line to visit and tour other colleges and my mom running in to a Wofford Admissions Counselor in my hometown Blockbuster that I finally found Wofford.

My first visit was on a simmering hot (106 degrees) July day when I took a tour led by someone who would later become a friend at Wofford. There were relatively few students on campus, due to the summer break, but I loved everything I saw. The village, modeled after Seaside, Florida, the newly built Phase V apartments and classrooms, the history behind Old Main and the all-round feeling of campus was so exciting to me. This campus that I now am living on for the four greatest years of my life was so above and beyond anything I had seen at any other college campus.

My second visit only made my love for Wofford and my confidence that I would be a student here one day stronger. It was a picture perfect sunny day on Scholar’s Day. Wofford was playing Georgia Southern, a huge competitor in the SoCon at the time. The stands were filled, tailgating was in full swing, and the alumni children were joined by some Wofford students to “cardboard” sled down the hills by the football stadium. Everyone I saw had a huge smile on their face, and you could just tell that the people who went here years ago and the current students loved this place. It made me feel that the tradition here was stronger than strong, and that this was a place you would fall in love with and stay in love with for the rest of your life. It was then, on that November day that I decided I would be a Wofford Terrier the following August.


This is a decision I will never look back on.


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