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From students to professors to staff, slices of life at Wofford and beyond are contained in these blogs. More than just simple online journals, the blogs offer readers the opportunity to interact with the writers by asking questions and making comments.



INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS: Wofford students studying abroad in Spain, France, China, Panama, Italy, Denmark, India, South Africa, and Vietnam  will post their observations and impressions of their host culture while reflecting upon their own integration into their new community.


WOFFORD EXPERIENCE: What really goes on during the year at Wofford? Follow 6 students as they take you behind the scenes. These students will keep you posted as they grow, change and experience everything Wofford has to offer this academic year. Return often and get to know them as they record friendships, classes and adventures through words, pictures, music and more.


PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLAR: Follow Presidential International Scholar Lindsey Perret, as she sets out on her travels at the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester.



FROM THE ARCHIVES: Dr. Phillip Stone, archivist of the college and of the Methodist Church in South Carolina, shares stories, documents, photographs, and artifacts about college, church, and South Carolina history.



Faculty and Staff

DR. TRACY REVELS: Dr. Revels, professor of history, is an active member of “The Survivors of the Gloria Scott,” a Sherlock Holmes society in Greenville, SC. When not reading Sherlock Holmes, Revels is a gifted historian. Her book, Grander in Her Daughters, was recognized with the Rembert Patrick Award as the best scholarly book on Florida history published in 2005.


DR. MARK BYRNES: Dr. Byrnes is an associate professor of history with an “obsessive interest in politics” that he attributes to watching the Watergate hearings as a child. In “The Past isn’t Past” he blogs about politics and current events.


THE SANDOR FILES: Read this blog for events, happenings and news related to our library, as well as news about the larger information and technology landscape as it relates to libraries. Bloggers post information about new books and electronic resources added to our collection, as well as topics like search engine news, the latest on digital collections, and research and technology tips.


SCOTT COCHRAN: Scott Cochran, dean of The Space in the Mungo Center, blogs about The Space and its many programs designed to help Wofford students gain a competitive edge. The blog will also feature ideas and strategies for leadership ideas and development.


DR. LAURA BARBAS-RHODEN: Dr. Barbas-Rhoden is an Associate Professor and the Coordinator of the Spanish program at Wofford. She blogs about education and the community, the intersection of the two, and how people can work together to build better outcomes.